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Ok so have you ever found yourself planning a road journey from one point to another with no idea where you want to stop , so you just put in the start and end point, tick the No Highway option in Google Maps and see whats pops up ?

Then you move the line around so you follow a coastal route which you figure will be more scenic than the internal route..well that just what we did when we discovered the stunningly beautiful seaside village of Vieste.

Located on the southeast-coast of Italy, in the Gargano National Park, we discovered that it is best known for its beaches, however we would prefer to remember Vieste for its white cobble stones narrow streets littered with charm, dotted with cafes and enoteca’s, boutique stores and local fresh market shops. The town itself clings onto the edge of the shear cliffs with the Adriatic Sea lapping at ist shores. On either side you will find sandy beaches. Its a place to relax, unwind and chill out – recharge before continue your journey of Italy.

Viaggio Experience

  • Enjoy the charm of strolling the streets, soak up the atmosphere and connect with local life – its a place to relax
  • suggested stay : 2 – 3 nights

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