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Bespoke Nomadic journey designed for you to experience the uniqueness of the people and country. 


This is a journey of contrasts.
A land of amazing wildlife and landscapes, to cultures and traditions that date back generations


This is not just a hotel, it feels like a private luxury home where family and friends gather to relax, laugh, share stories and enjoy a stunningly beautiful part of Europe.


This 9 night vacation package is designed  for you to get taste for the Croatian lifestyle, culture and history along with the cuisine and wine. Business Class flights from Auckland have been included in this vacation. Reservations are required to be made by November 10, 2019


When you take a 5-star boutique hotel and blend this together with a a 5 star boutique yacht you create a fabulous vacation to stunning destinations. Possibly the perfect vacation ?

Exceptional Destinations, extraordinary experiences

It is our pleasure to introduce to you our bespoke vacation company Viaggio. Creators of unique and lifestyle vacations.

Viaggio, Italian for journey, is about turning your vacation into a ‘journey’ exploring fascinating destinations with people who can enhance the experience with their wealth of specialist knowledge.

Viaggio combines the world’s best airlines, boutique accommodation and deluxe cruise companies into a vacation to some of the world’s most interesting destinations. Our purpose is to deliver a vacation which exceeds your expectations, and which you’ll talk about for years to come.

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THE Destinations

All those little and not so little places that really provide the magic of any vacation. Here are a few of our favourites…

Whether it’s a little seaside cafe in the Greek Isles or an ancient monument that fires your imagination into dreaming of collapsed civilisations, the wonder and excitement of travel is good for the soul.

At viaggio, we live and breathe travel and as such have many places we would like to share.  Some a little out of the way, some well trod. Either way we are very happy to pass on our knowledge, so if you find yourself (either on one of our vacations or simply travelling on your own) in these exotic locales you can make the most of your experience.


Take a moment to watch the video and find out what Viaggio is really about and how we can help you discover travel that is truly unique.