Viaggio Selections

Life is about experiences, sharing these with friends, creating a memory, sharing a story with lot’s of laughter, enjoying a moment special to you – so we thought we would share places, people and companies which can help you create these lifestyle experiences…we have called this our “Viaggio Selections”.




Auckland ⎮ OCB – O’Connell Street Bistro.
This is one of Auckland’s iconic restaurants which makes up part of the heart of the dining experience in our home city of Auckland.
Having undergone a major rebuild after partially being destroyed by a kitchen fire in Jan 2016, the restaurant has just reopened on September 9th.

OCB has been given a new lease of life with a decor which conveys a more luxurious experience, yet still maintaining its heart and sole which makes this such a special place to dine.

While retaining a selection of its bistro classic dishes – such as the celebrated crispy squid and the rabbit pappardelle, Chef Mark Southon’s new menu incorporates a list of standout dishes.

If you are from Auckland or just visiting and want to enjoy a fabulous night of beautiful cuisine, a wine selection second to none and impeccable friendly service in relaxing surroundings, then it’s well worth the investment.

O’Connell Street Bistro… discover more  


Simon Gault’s Sous Chef ⎮Online & Deli Store ⎮Auckland
If you are a foodie and are looking for a place where you can source quality ingredients and products imported from around the world and sourced locally in New Zealand, then Simon Gault’s Sous Chef Deli and Online Shop is well worth the visit.
From outstanding cheeses, olive oils, balsamic vinegars and specialty meats sourced from Italy, to equipment and appliances to compliment your kitchen, to speciality knowledge from the staff at Sous Chef – you will discover an all-round cuisine experience.

Sous Chef…discover more




Planet Wine ⎮Online
Martin Cahnbley the owner of Planet Wine has been involved in some way with the wine industry in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand since 1987.  Martin launched Planet Wine in 2003. They travel the world visiting wineries and restaurants to find wines that make an impact on them and wines which they believe will delight their customers.
Over the years of our association with Planet Wine, they have helped facilitate visits for our guests to a number of the estates featured in their portfolio.

Their portfolio of wines, spirits and liqueurs can all be sourced via their online store.

Planet Wine…discover more


Obsidian Wines ⎮ Waiheke Island
There is much discussion nowadays on the wines being produced in Central Otago, however there are also many wonderful wines being produced on Waiheke Island. Alan & Bev Wiltshire, the owners of Obsidian Vineyard have traveled with viaggio for a number of years and the wines that are produced from their winery rate amongst some of the best on the Island.  Their methods of production are uncomplicated and they strive to grow consistently ripe, concentrated, flavourful grapes and craft them into superb wines.
Amongst our favourite reds are their Montepulciano, Tempranillo and Syrah, while if you enjoy your white wines the Obsidian Viognier and Chardonnay are to be enjoyed with fresh fish and summer salads.

Obsidian Wines…discover more


Leighton Smith’s Clevedon Hills Wines
Our association with Leighton goes back many years before we launched viaggio in 2005. The wines that are produced by our friend Leighton have a passion that can only be found with an owner who is involved in the growing and harvesting of the grapes. Leighton’s pinot noir is unique in its flavours, his Syrah has a level of complexity difficult to compare and is a delight to the tastebuds, while his arneis is recognised for its potential in the production of premium white wines.
The question we often get asked is “where can one buy Leighton’s Wines?”.  Easy –  just click the link below and speak with David at Wine and More!

Leighton Smith’s Clevedon Hills Wines … order here







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